Hello! My name is Christine and I am a wife and proud mother of four. In my free time I enjoy walking, horseback riding, and tending to my rose garden. As a health coach, I am here to help you make positive, healthy lifestyle changes and teach you how to make them permanent. Since I eat gluten and dairy free I understand how challenging it  may seem to make significant changes, but I will use my experience and training to help you discover how rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be!

As a health coach in a rural and tight-knit community, I carry a special desire to see childhood obesity curbed and even eliminated in my area. With my degree in Elementary Education and as a leader of my local church’s children’s ministry, I am experienced in working with children and teaching them new things. By instilling healthy values and habits in our children today, we can create healthier generations of adults for tomorrow.

In addition to helping curb childhood obesity, I also seek to help corporations and small businesses invest in the longterm health of their employees. By working with employees I can aid them in developing healthier, more productive lives. A business that invests in the wellness of their workforce is a smart business. There is nothing better than witnessing the positive changes that healthier lifestyles can bring to an office.